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Old Flames


Modern day lovers are manipulated by the ghosts of the doomed previous inhabitants of an isolated Welsh cottage. As history repeats itself, they must fight to avoid meeting the same tragic fate. 

Carole takes her dying father back to his home village in the mountains of mid Wales, for a last holiday. He remembers the open fields and Welsh community of his youth, but returns to a place now forested where the Welsh language is dying. The old man is haunted by the ghost of Ifan, a puritanical sea captain, a malignant force who plays a part in his death.

Following her father's death, Carole uses her inheritance to buy a remote traditional cottage outside the village, which was once Ifan's home. The cottage has a bad history; the previous owner, Mr. Phillips killed himself there. 

Carole's boyfriend Peter is shocked by the state of the cottage. During their first night at the cottage, Carole and Peter are possessed by the ghosts of the former inhabitants – the violent Ifan and his wife Mari, the local white witch.

Peter returns to London and under Ifan's malignant influence and his life goes to hell.

Carole stays at the cottage and under Mari's influence seduces a local boy Geraint as Mari had seduced a young lad when Ifan was away at sea.

History repeats itself as Peter plots the death of his unfaithful partner as Ifan and Mr. Phillips have done in the past.

Carole realises that she is being haunted and sets about solving the mystery of the cottage. But will she be able to avert history repeating itself once more?

If you can't shake off your ghosts, you're dead too…

Artwork Credits

Cover Art by Chris Crow

Map Art by Sophia Wulf

About the Publisher: Garland Stone

Garland Stone's Mission Statement is to produce Cutting Edge Horror with An Ancient Heritage. They produce Feature Films & Short Films, and Publish Novels.

A Welsh Ghost Landscape

The Historical Background to Old Flames

 The inspiration for Old Flames comes from hunting for locations for a historical TV drama series, set in West Wales.

I found a farmhouse near Carmarthen which was a perfect filming location, except that it was haunted. This was my first encounter with an angry ghost. 

I also found locations in Talley, where

large tracts of land are forestry plantations. I discovered numerous farms under what is now a shroud of trees.

A community and ancient  landscape buried beneath the trees forever.

According to UK government figures for 2018, 15% of the surface of Wales is forested in this way.

Welsh communities are also buried beneath reservoirs, for example in Tryweryn, from which the village of Capel Celyn in Old Flames takes its name.

About The Author

Dewi Griffiths

I'm a native Welsh speaker from Pembrokeshire in West Wales,.

Pembrokeshire is the setting for many of the stories from the Ancient Celtic Myths written down a thousand years ago in the Mabinogion. The scenery, mythology and the supernatural are strong influences on me, as seen in Old Flames.

I've had a thirty year career in feature film and high end television drama production, working worldwide.

I was head hunted by senior staff at the AFI and USC Film School to lead Producing at The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Jordan, teaching award winning film makers from across the MENA region. I have now returned to Wales as Senior Lecturer in Producing at the Film & TV School Wales.

I'm a Producer at Garland Stone Productions Ltd, which produce horror films, TV and literature: The company specialises in contemporary horror stories grounded in folklore.

5* Reviews for Old Flames

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

A fascinating setting which fits the ghost story well - there's a sense of sadness in those ancient areas of Wales now lost to the modern world. All in all, highly recommended if you like your horror spooky rather than soaked in blood and gore... 

Hoopwards on Amazon

"Engrossing Read"

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

Another great read from this author. Well paced and fascinating from beginning to end. The setting is atmospheric and the reader is drawn further in by the characters, which are well rounded. Definitely worth reading again and again to appreciate all the references and nuances. 

 Hevvy on Amazon

"A mysterious, heart fluttering, chilling story"

"Spooky Ghost Story Reminiscent of James Herbert"

"A mysterious, heart fluttering, chilling story"

Wow! I read this book in one sitting. It is very detailed. The author writes so well about the different characters that stretch from past to present in this mysterious, heart fluttering, chilling story. Can't wait to read more of his books!

Joan, Dublin. Bookbaby

"Most Enjoyable"

"Highly Recommended"

"A mysterious, heart fluttering, chilling story"

Thoroughly enjoyed

Joan Byrne on Amazon

"Highly Recommended"

"Highly Recommended"

"Highly Recommended"

Intriguing story which moves from London into a well drawn out evocative remote Welsh setting

Gary on Amazon

"Welsh Scary Story"

"Highly Recommended"

"Highly Recommended"

Amazing book with brilliant story of old meets new. I really enjoyed how the Welsh country was described in so much detail that I could really imagine the setting. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of a scary story with folklore stories in Wales.                Amazon Customer

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If You Can't Shake Off Your Ghosts You're Dead Too